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Voxer smart phone app is not permissible to contact PSAs

March 5, 2012

Social media has changed the way people communicate. This includes the way college coaches communicate with PSAs. While there is some legislation/interpretations/Ed columns regarding Facebook and Twitter…there are still new technologies and apps every time I log on to the “internetz”. Take for example the interesting but impermissible for recruiting app Voxer.

Our institution has been informed in writing, it is not permissible for coaches to communicate with prospects via Voxer or Blip.Me “Walkie Talkie” phone apps (and the like). As such apps appear to be voice-mail delivery services that allow you to speak messages that are instantaneously delivered to the recipient. So essentially these exchanges are text messages with audio files attached and therefore are not permissible to send to prospects under the current legislation.

Of course everything could change in the very near future depending on how the legislation relative to text messaging evolves.

Click here to learn more about Voxer


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